5 Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

5 Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

Staying inspired is a constant challenge for any parent, professional, student, and human. Whether you’re freelancing from your couch or coding in a cubicle, it’s imperative to find ways to keep you focused on the bigger picture, be it professionally or personally.

Reading blogs is one of the best vehicles I’ve found for maintaining perspective—from following the headlines of my industry or finding something refreshing to carry me to the weekend.

Here are five of the blogs I’m reading religiously right now.

  • A Cup of Jo (cupofjo.com). Joanna Goddard’s creation is one the most comforting stops in my weekly Internet rounds. Her content is refreshing, simple, insightful, and curious. While I enjoy taking in a fashion blog on occasion, I have a hard time building loyalty to blogs that don’t feature substantial content. Joanna does a beautiful job of integrating themes of travel, relationships, culture, motherhood, food, fashion, and literature into a reader experience that leaves you a little lighter and a little smarter after each visit. My favorite day to visit A Cup of Jo is Fridays. Every Friday the team sends you into the weekend with a weekly roundup of Internet things—a fascinating piece from The New York Times, a pretty dress that’s currently on sale, tips for travel, books to add to your to-read list, random anecdotes, and more. Read one of my favorite weekend posts here
  • Donald Miller’s Storyline Blog (storylineblog.com). I enjoyed Donald Miller as an author, but I think I enjoy him even more as a branding expert. Since part of my job is telling the story of my company’s brand, Donald’s mission at Storyline provides methods, both simple and innovative, for telling a good story, which I believe is a fundamental mission of any successful brand. Another thing I love about Storyline is that it reminds us to stay human, corporately and personally. Donald showcases real stories from real humans who have dreamed, risked, failed, succeeded, and everything in between. Pooling from an all-star cast of connections in his industry, Storyline often features posts from people like Shauna Niequist, Whitney English, Matt Wertz, and Al Andrews. Read one of my favorite posts here.
  • Waiting for Saturday (waitingforsaturday.com). I am a firm believer in intentional rest. Weekends are dedicated to actively saying “no” to work and making space for meaningful practices that don’t always happen throughout the week. Waiting for Saturday blog encapsulates the sacredness of weekends and gives a beautiful ode to powerful women who take the time to rest well. A visit to the “People” tab pulls up a master archive of all the weekenders (and some weekdayers) featured on the blog. While their lives are clearly more curated than mine will ever be, I am still refreshed by the celebration of the simple, and it’s something I want to fight for in my own life. My goals? Leave enough time to sit down at home and drink my morning coffee, wear less makeup, save up to try a new restaurant, and make the deliberate choice to sow into the things that make life more satisfying and vibrant. The #girlbosses featured on the blog know that the secret to success is as much about prioritizing your downtime as it is investing in your workweek. They also share some fantastic beauty secrets and fashion insight along the way. Read one of my favorite posts here
  • Amy Porterfield (amyporterfield.com). It’s officially impossible to ignore the invaluable role of social media in any successful business. Whether the platforms appeal to you personally, the benefits for your company are undeniable. The trick is to learn how to harness its power to advance your purposes and then outshine your competitors. Enter Amy Porterfield. She is one of the most accessible resources for learning the complexities of Facebook advertising, staying up-to-date on Instagram’s latest algorithm update, and developing a streamlined system for making your online presence as effective as possible. You can also take Amy’s podcast on-the-go with you during your commute or sign up for one of her webinar’s to dive deeper into certain topics. Read one of my favorite posts here.
  • Reading My Tea Leaves (readingmytealeaves.com). Erin Boyle’s blog has been one of my favorites for many years now, which says a lot since I’ve followed and subsequently abandoned my loyalty to many bloggers. Erin found her niche years ago and has remained consistent and interesting in her content, which centers on one thing: “celebrating a practical and purposeful approach to a simple, sustainable life.” I originally discovered Erin’s blog through her series called “Life in a Tiny Apartment,” which began with her chronically how she managed to turn her and husband’s 250-square-foot Manhattan apartment into a pleasant living space. The series has 140 iterations to date, and she continues to present innovative solutions and simple fixes for enjoyable minimalist living. It doesn’t hurt that she also has flawless style and impeccable taste. Her general life aesthetic = goals. Read one of my favorite posts here

Like podcasts and books, blogs offer a moment of inspiration, a brief respite from real life. Whether you need advice from a social media guru or you just need to zone out and look at something pretty for a few minutes while your kid naps, it’s good to have a handful of dependable sources where you can consume quality content and learn something along the way. Happy blog-reading!


Grace Willis headshotPost written by Ink & Well’s freelance word nerd, Grace Willis.  A Nashville native, Grace works in publishing and spends her days communicating about books in every medium imaginable. She works hard to give her cat a better life and to help her husband finish nursing school. Any free time is dedicated to reading, running, and plotting future travel plans.



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