Goal Setting: Start Planning for a Successful 2017

Goal Setting: Start Planning for a Successful 2017

I love setting goals. It’s probably related to my love of planning, of writing lists, and marking items off as I accomplish them. Goal setting has a special magic for me because I’ve experienced the thrill of writing down an extravagant idea—no matter how impossible it seems—and then months down the road seeing that dream become a reality. There’s nothing like it.

I’ve written about goals a few times in the past: Goal Setting in November and Work Motivation After a Long Holiday Break. It’s a topic I love to revisit, sharing what helps me stay motivated and what tricks I’m finding to keep my focus over a long stretch of working towards a big goal.

Below, I’m sharing a few tips for finding success with your 2017 goal planning. These resources will help you get started and stay focused long into the new year. There are so many good options out there for us goal setters these days! Here are some of my favorites:

  • Lara Casey’s PowerSheets, book, and blog. I’m a big fan of all things Lara. Reading her book Make it Happen last year was a real kick in the pants motivator to be more intentional about setting, tracking, and reaching goals. Her site is packed with resources that will equip you with every tool you need to set 2017 goals and keep you going throughout the year as you stick to them and actually reach them.
  • Emily Ley’s Planners. While not specifically goal focused, Emily’s stuff is all about keeping you organized enough to reach your goals. If you are still into physical planners (versus digital tracking) Emily’s stuff is the way to go. Her blog is also chock-full of ways to simplify your life both for sanity sake, but to also make you more productive. She, like Lara, are both moms to multiple little ones, and they are both running businesses. They both know a thing or two about how to maintain maximum productivity in the midst of #momlife craziness.
  • The Way of Life App. For those of us who like to digitally track everything, this app looks amazing. It claims that in less than a minute a day, you can track, identify and change your habits with its unique color system. You can setup a reminder for weekdays, weekends or specific days of the week, add a custom message and choose whether or not the reminder should sound an alarm. The Way of Life will do everything in its power to keep you on the right track.

Set short-term, attainable goals too. Be they financial, physical, or professional—create at least a few that will be easy wins.  As I set my big 2017 goals, I want to also set some that I know I can check off in a matter of weeks. The faster I see myself attaining these goals, the more I will be energized to keep going and working towards some of the bigger ones.

As we head into the final weeks of 2016—for some of us, the craziest of the year—start looking for some time to sit and think about the future. I always find the week just after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve to be the perfect little pocket of time to do this. List out of big, crazy goals along with some short-term easy wins and then come January 1, start making it all happen. Plan for quarterly check-ins to mark your progress and by the time you reach this time next year, get ready to be wowed by all the cool things you’ll have accomplished in 2017.



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