Your 2017 Home Office Facelift

Your 2017 Home Office Facelift

Feeling stuffy and sick of your workspace? We hear you! Today, we’re stoked to bring you some ideas for your home office from Caitlin Gury, an interior designer in NYC – currently designing co-living homes for Common Living. Check her out at
It’s that time of year again – that post-holiday, pre-spring time, that time when the skies are still grey and the days are still short and you spend your mornings wearing fuzzy fleece slippers but dreaming of sandals instead. And while I sit anxiously awaiting the change in seasons, I often find myself craving a home decor refresh; to rid myself of clutter (first physical then mental) and create a space in my home in which I can work, get inspired, and get s**t done.

My sister has told me she’s been feeling the same. As a business owner, mother of (soon to be) two, and all ’round wonder woman, she craves a space of her own in which she can focus and find inspiration.
So, in the spirit of Spring and in celebration of all those amazing working moms out there, I’ve put together two home office schemes to inspire you in your own homes. Whether you have a whole room to yourself or just a corner of your child’s nursery, it’s easy and inexpensive to pull together a little cozy nook of your own.
This one is for the eclectic cool-girl:
This eclectic workspace with southwestern vibes gives me immediate heart eye emojis. This space is bright, happy, and invigorating. Don’t be afraid to power clash patterns and layer in some texture with leather, fur, or rattan. Must haves here: faux desk cactus (child-friendly) and ocean hues.
For the moody mama:

This high contrast, dark work space is perfect for the ever chic mama who needs a calm break from the rooms littered with rainbow plastic toys. Fresh greens and earthy tones, (see faux cowhide) keep this space down to earth. Must haves here: fresh plants and brass accents.
When refreshing your space, listen to your gut. Take a minute to wander the home decor aisle of Target and see what pops out that you just LOVE. Whether it’s a pink pillow or splashy rug – run with it! And your room palette/vibe will start to emerge on its own.
P.S. you probably need this.


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