Mom Love is the Best Love

Mom Love is the Best Love

There are so many thoughts expressed every day on the web, TV, podcasts, and in the news about the challenges, the pros, the cons, the benefits, and the drawbacks of being a working mom vs. a full-time, dedicated to your little one, stay-at-home mom. Emotions run super high supporting both viewpoints.

I just finished this book, Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time by Brigid Schulte. It was chock full of thought-provoking discussions about motherhood and the challenges of being a mom in today’s culture. Likely, it’s due to my season of life as a mom of a two-year-old with one on the way, but I feel like I’m forever tripping over the thoughts and opinions of others about the “right way” to do things.

At times, I crave these discussions. When I’m trying to figure out how the heck to potty train or encourage good eating habits, I want to know what the masses have to say. But more often than not, I grow a bit weary of all the mom-life discussions, battles, and dramas.

If I’ve learned anything since becoming a mom, it’s that there rarely is just one right way to go about things that our kids are pretty resilient and adaptable to life’s ups and downs. The one thing they can’t live without, no matter how much mom does or does not work outside the home? Our love. Our constant, never-ending supply of love, support, encouragement, and attention is always welcome. As a mama with a million demands on her time, it’s really easy to get focused on the demands of a day and miss small, special opportunities to pour out our love and attention. On Valentines, this day of love, we have an easy chance to remind ourselves that no matter our work or life circumstances, we can look for ways to stay refreshed so we can be present instead of distracted and loving instead of harried and worn thin.

Sometimes, just stopping for a moment and looking them in the eyes, hugging their necks, and kissing their sweet cheeks is all they need to brighten their day before they run off to the next thing. When you have more time, take on a cake baking project, make a trip to the zoo, or snuggle up on the couch for a movie night and make some special memories.

If you need a little inspiration or a new idea tied to the Valentine’s holiday, look no further. Below are a few links to some awesome (and simple) ways you can spend quality, loving time with your kiddo.

Even if you aren’t a big crafter, like me, Valentines seems to be a fun excuse to pull out the construction paper and glue sticks and make something sweet. So take a few moments today, mama and find a way to add some loving quality time to your schedule. It will not be time wasted!



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