Top 5 Nashville Spots for Work and a Great Cup of Coffee

Top 5 Nashville Spots for Work and a Great Cup of Coffee


Alee and I are so thrilled to welcome Mary Charles Abbott to the Ink & Well team. She has joined us as an Account Manager, helping with business development, client engagement, and project execution. Her sweet and engaging personality has been such a fun addition to our team and we’ve been so thankful for her hard-working, get ‘er done attitude. We know our clients are going to love her too! Get to know Mary Charles by following her on social media: Instagram | Facebook and check out today’s post from Mary Charles to get to know a little bit more about her and what she loves (hint: she loves coffee and coffee shops!)

5 things about Mary Charles Abbott

  • I’m a southern gal born and raised in Tullahoma, Tennessee. I moved back to Nashville a year ago after spending 4 years living on the west coast.
  • I love to travel but my only international trip was to Costa Rica in college. I’m going to Europe for the first time this summer!
  • I met my boyfriend swing dancing and as a former dance instructor … I may have met my match.
  • My alarm clock has been Whitney Houston’s song “How Will I Know” for the past 3 months and I’m still not sick of it.
  • I may have a slight obsession with coffee, but probably more because I love being in a coffee shop than I do actually drinking coffee. See below for more about my coffee love, including my five favorite Nashville coffee shops for getting a great cup of joe and doing some work too.


Few things in life are more satisfying than sitting down with a fresh brewed cup of coffee. I am still very early into my training as a true coffee snob, but I can promise you that you won’t find Starbucks on this list. In my last few months working as a freelancer, I have had the privilege to explore some of the best new local coffee spots in Nashville. The endless options and recommendations from coffee lover friends will make the process of finding the right spot for you seem like a very long, windy road of trying to find the perfect spot that’s not too crowded, with strong wifi and baristas that aren’t too intimidatingly cool.

Believe me when I say I have spent endless hours (I mean, endless) exploring the various coffee shops around town discovering what each one uniquely has to offer. Read the list below for what I believe to be the top 5 spots in Nashville to grab a cup of coffee and hunker down for a few hours.



8th and Roast 

For all of you serious coffee lovers out there, 8th and Roast is your spot. You feel their motto in the action when you’re there sipping their fresh brew… “Coffee. Inspired.” If I am in the market for a solid cup of coffee, this is my first stop on 8th avenue. I recently moved back to Nashville from Los Angeles and the first thing I noticed (besides the coffee) was the southern hospitality of the baristas. The staff at 8th and Roast will leave you feeling just as warm and cozy as the coffee cup in your hand.



Edgehill Cafe

When I first discovered this spot, I fell in love with the scene… talk about comfy booths, too! Not only is the coffee strong but the food is delicious with a full menu (trust me, you want to give the sweet potato fries a try). Also, if you have ever spent much time around Edgehill, then you know that this spot has an expansive outdoor seating, which is great for the summer months. PS. The last time I was there, the video crew was setting up from Food and Wine magazine to do a write up on this place… if that tells you anything!  



Pinewood Social

Don’t be fooled, this restaurant is way more than a coffee spot. Looking for great food with a scene? What about casual bowling with your friends? Pinewood Social is the one stop shop for all food and coffee lovers. If you happen to have a friend in town and looking to impress, this place is a gem and the prime spot for creatives.



The Well Coffeehouse

I don’t know about you but I do love giving back to a good cause. The Well Coffeehouse, ‘Where Coffee Changes Lives’, is a missional coffeehouse that focuses on sustainable solutions to poverty. These folks sure do love their coffee, but even more, they love their people. This spot has multiple locations: Brentwood, Fishers, Greenhills. Check it out!



Red Bicycle

Looking for a cozy spot to nestle into for that afternoon work session? This coffee shop was indeed my first love in Nashville. This spot is nestled in on one of my favorite streets with a small outdoor patio for pups and sunshine. If you are crepe lover, you’ve found your scene. R&B is known for their delicious crepes and chill atmosphere. Red Bicycle has two locations in Nashville: Germantown and Nolensville road.


In summary? It’s so nice to meet you via this blog post and I hope I get to work with you very soon. Also? Coffee is good. Amen.


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