How to Win with Instagram Giveaways

How to Win with Instagram Giveaways

What I love about Instagram is that it brings out the creative side of brands as they design and share evocative images about their business or product in order to gain followers. For me, it is so much more appealing to see pictures of how to use the products in everyday life or beautifully styled lifestyle shots that inspire me to want to create the same look for myself, my kids, or my home. Suddenly the posts seem so much more engaging than what you might see on other platforms – I just love it.

And another bonus of Instagram, running a creative contest is simple. Not only for your customers to participate but for you to set up. And who doesn’t love that?

Here are some fun ideas to get you thinking about contests for your business or brand this spring.

  • Photo Sharing. This one is a so much fun because it helps your customers to engage on a more personal level with your brand. Take a few minutes to brainstorm a catchy hashtag for your contest and have participants share one of their own photos (using your contest hashtag) to be entered to win. Remember to come up with a motivating prize that is on brand for your company. I thought the one from @HaloSleep was especially sweet, to enter you just shared a photo of your little cutie using #HaloLoveWeek.
  • Coordinate with other companies or businesses that you would be likely to share customers with. Before you tune this tip out, we aren’t talking about competitors but rather other brands that your customers would likely be interested in. Chloe Hall of CW Design recently ran an awesome contest with 7 days of giveaways. Each day featured a prize from another designer or company. In order to be entered to win you had to follow both accounts on Instagram, like the photo, and tag friends. Bonus entries could be earned from reposting using the contest hashtag #cwdesignGIVEAWAYweek. What an awesome way to generate a ton of engagement! And the great thing is everyone benefits and gains new followers.
  • Convert Followers to Subscribers. Rifle Paper Co. held a quick giveaway to celebrate the launch of a new line of products, and the great thing about this particular contest was that it helped to not only increase their Instagram followers, but it also built up their email subscriber list. To enter you just had to sign up for their newsletter to win an art print of your choice. A smart move because as a company it never hurts to ensure that you have more than one way to communicate with your customers, and especially smart to establish direct communication with them through email…a medium that you wouldn’t be relying on a third party for.


What fun contest ideas have you seen lately on Instagram? We’d love for you to share some of your favorites with us too!


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